MOVING AROUND SITE – Beautiful Days takes place in an outdoor, rural location in Escot Park in Devon. There are some roads and pathways on site but the landscape can be difficult to traverse, especially if the weather is bad. When deciding what clothes and shoes to pack, regardless of the forecast, always come prepared for all weathers.

THE SAFE SPACE – This year we have again improved our approach to safeguarding, lost & found children and vulnerable people. You will find the new SAFE SPACE tent opposite the Medical Centre (at the entrance to the Kid’s Area) near the Information Point. Safeguarding lead Nick and his team will provide 24-hour cover in THE SAFE SPACE to deal with any lost or found children, young people or vulnerable adults. The team will also be available to help with welfare concerns, practical and personal non-medical problems or if you just want to ’take a break’. It’s a safe space where you will always receive a friendly welcome.

ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR – We don’t want people on site who haven’t paid or been invited to be there or who are spoiling the enjoyment of others. Persons who have gained access to the festival site without a valid ticket or permission or have gained access by fraudulent means, may be searched and will be evicted. Neither anti-social or illegal behaviour will be tolerated and anyone found to be carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities are likely to be ejected without refund and possibly banned from all future Beautiful Days festivals. Stewards are positioned throughout site and are trained to report any harassment, or violence, to security to be investigated. Please always talk to us if you have concerns whilst on site.

NOISE – Be warned excessive exposure to loud music may cause hearing damage. We are a music festival though so there always be noise, we’re just saying – look after your ears (and those of your little ones) so you can enjoy Beautiful Days for years to come.

FIRE SAFETY – For your safety, and that of your neighbours,  we ask you do not smoke, use gas cookers or lanterns in your tent. Never use BBQs inside or near the entrance to your tent – the carbon monoxide they produce can kill. Make sure you are aware of the nearest Fire Point and exits of the campsite you are staying in at the festival.

SMOKING – We are not exempt from the law – all public and working enclosed spaces onsite are no smoking, including The Big Top, The Little Big Top, The Theatre Tent, The Bimble Inn and our bars.

DRUGS – We do not condone the dealing in or use of illegal drugs and again, we are not exempt from the law! Security will deal with drug offences in accordance with national guidelines. If you deal in drugs, it is likely that you will be arrested.

ITEMS NOT ALLOWED ON SITE – Please do not bring any of these to Beautiful Days they are not allowed on site and you may be searched as you go through the pedestrian or vehicle gates:

Glass – no glass is allowed onsite for safety reasons
Illegal substances
Portable laser equipment and pens
Unauthorised professional film or video equipment
Any goods for unauthorised trading
Any items which may reasonable be considered for use as a weapon
Body piercing equipment
Unauthorised sound systems (this includes traders, staff and performers)
Animals (other than Registered Guide Dogs or Assistance Dogs on application)

SINGLE USE PLASTIC – no single use plastic bottles are available for sale at the festival from any outlets. Our bars provide refillable pint cups for £1 when you buy a drink

MEDICAL – We have a fully staffed 24hr Medical Centre between the Children’s Area and The Big Top. Please go and see them if you need to seek medical advice or ask any member of staff to radio for assistance if you need it.

HELP ON SITE – Ask any steward or member of staff for help or assistance if you need it, we will do our best to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable weekend at Beautiful Days. Any queries in advance please email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!